Sunday, 15 December 2013

Film rolls #1 - #3

Film roll #1

Film roll #2

Film Roll #3

Shot with LC-A+


Film used- Lomography Negative 800 ISO

Camera's ISO- 800, sometimes 1600.

Processed- Normal

All these pictures on this blog are © 2013 Ria Ridzuan

As you can see, the pictures are quite grainy as I used 800 ISO film. I have no idea why my third film roll turned out to be dark in colour because I took those photos during daytime. I am not sure if my #3 film has been exposed or my fault in setting the camera. I guess, due to my first trial of using this 800 ISO film, tak cukup experience lagi. Tsk tsk. *bangs myself to the wall* *gets hit by an Alam Flora truck* *not enough speed* * jumps in front of a bullet train*

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